Can my loved one, of any age, benefit from Think Move Learn?

Not everyone will exhibit all the characteristics listed. If your loved one struggles in more than 3 areas, there could be cause for concern. Think Move Learn in home sensory integration and movement based Occupational Therapy is beneficial for children of all ages. Contact us today for more information.

Do you recognize any of the following?

As a baby, avoided tummy time, did not crawl, and/or preferred not to be cuddled
Bumps into things, falls often, frequently loses balance, appears clumsy
Complains about having hair brushed
Doesn’t hold a pencil correctly or form letters easily or neatly
Every meal is a challenge, my child can’t use silverware properly and/or is a very finicky eater
Frequently suffers from constipation or diarrhea
Gets upset easily, has a hard time with transitions
Has high or low pain tolerance
Isn’t able to self-regulate, melts down frequently, transitions are difficult
Jumpy, has the fight, flight or fright response unpredictably
Keeps chewing hair, shirts, pens/pencils, mouths objects after 2 years old
Lays down on floor frequently, slumps in chair, seems floppy
Might avoid messy play or certain textures. Gets a messy face and/or hands without awareness.
Not able to keep up with peers in school, has trouble learning
Often bangs head, rocks, pinches or bites self or others
Puts clothes on backwards, is bothered by clothing, tags, or refuses to wear certain types of clothing.
Quiet or afraid in new situations, clings to a trusted adult, lacks confidence.
Runs in a dis-coordinated manner, walks on tiptoes, avoids balance, climbing, or running activities
Seeks or avoids touch, movement, or other sensory-based activities or situations
Touches everything and/or everyone
Unable to catch a 9” ball, has difficulty throwing or throws without control
Very sensitive to motion, frequent car sickness
Very sensitive to motion, frequent car sickness
W Sits with legs backward underneath their bottom
Yells often or lacks voice modification
Zippers, buttons, getting dressed or tying shoe laces are a challenge