Tracy Murray, OT/L

Tracy Murray was first introduced to Sensory Integration principles over 35 years when she was privileged to have a semester of studies during her occupational therapy training. She then worked alongside her professor and went on to receive her certification for the Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT) designed by Dr. Jean Ayers . She also worked as a research assistance collecting data from field studies for the same test. She took a 25+ break from her professional work to raise and home-school 8 biological children and found a ministry in Zambia, Africa where she lived for 4 ½ years.

Upon her return to the US she was awakened to the dramatic growth in numbers of individuals struggling with sensory processing disorders and more. While working as a First Steps OT she designed Think Move Learn to help parents, educators and day care/preschool providers easily carry out activities that will help everyone to Think, Move and Learn with increased skill and abilities in an environment where the most effective learning can take place.

In her off time she enjoys running the ongoing ministry in Zambia as well as kayaking, hiking, sewing, and breeding golden retrievers stateside.