Why We Do It

WE BELIEVE that therapy is most effective when it can be carried out after the therapist’s visit has ended. As a result we see most of our clients in their home or grandparent’s homes. In those environments everyone can see how the Think Move Learn Trail ideas can be incorporated into everyday life.

WE REALIZE that children and adults spend time at preschool, school and day programs so we make visits to those locations as well. We are flexible and can adapt easily to your needs since we don’t work in a clinic environment.

WE ENCOURAGE siblings and grandparents to get involved. When it’s a nice day we go outside, when your child is struggling at school or preschool we can schedule visits there. If there is another need we will try to accommodate as best we can.

WE ADAPT our program to meet the needs of the client we serve. Because we don’t conform to insurance guidelines or school therapy goals we are flexible.