Think Move Learn offers reasonably priced, locally crafted equipment to encourage carryover of therapy into daily routines. We are working to partner with a local organization that provides skilled and vocational training for individuals with learning challenges to build confidence, independence, and future success in the workforce. Our intent is that they may assist in assembling and creating the same equipment that they benefit from.

Equipment Prices

Balance Board-Standard $65.00 
Balance Board-Large $75.00 
Balance Beam (wooden) $25.00 
Balance Beam Supports (wooden) $25.00 each 
Bean Bags, Sky Balls $3.50 each 
Blocks Rock! Game (Includes Beginning and Intermediate decks of cards) $30.00 
Blocks Rock! Introductory Preschool STEM Cards$10.00 
Mini Beach Ball / Noodle Bat  $1.50 each 
Motor Planning/ Eye Tracking Poster– Laminated $25.00 
Feet for Floor Ladder-Purple and Red, set of 10 $25.00 
Figure 8 poster-Laminated $25.00 
Floor Ladder $35.00 
GR8! Book  $35.00 
High Stepper (2 cones, 1 rod) $30.00 
Rhythm/Balance Blocks – Set of 3  $60.00 
12×12 Scooter Board $55.00 
18×24 Scooter Board $65.00 
Smart Stool  $65.00 
Spin Board $100.00 
Spin Board Positions Poster-Laminated $25.00 
Trail Signs Phase 1, 2, or 3 -10 in each phase $20.00 
Trail Signs all Phases-30 total $50.00 
Trail Sign Cards- Set of 30 on a ring $25.00 
Trail Sign Poster-Laminated  $25.00 

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