“I am thankful for the positive changes Think Move Learn made possible for my child. Two years ago my then seven year old daughter was struggling. She had recently been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (sensory seeker), Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and ADHD. She had poor motor planning which led to clumsiness, a lack of body awareness, muscle weakness and fatigue when playing outdoors. She also had little emotional control which led to frequent meltdowns. We started OT therapy with Think Move Learn and she made a lot of progress over the year. I noticed she had more physical stamina and could play without exhaustion, climb across the monkey bars, and had the balance to ride her scooter well. She began to recognize the signs of sensory overload in herself and ask for help. She learned about sensory diets and ways to calm down. Think Move Learn helped my daughter to become a happier, calmer, and more self-aware child who could advocate for herself.”

“I am glad that we chose Think Move and Learn for our son’s therapy. He is very shy. It was very beneficial for him to feel comfortable in his own home while having each session. His therapists made it fun for him to challenge himself and his body during each session.”

“I’ve been blessed to have Tracy Murray work with all my children. I was first introduced to Ms. Tracy for my youngest through First Steps. Having used OT for my other children for several years I immediately recognized her methods as extremely beneficial and easy to use in day to day activities. Ms. Tracy provides services that greatly benefit everyone. Her methods can be incorporated throughout the day. Through talking with Ms. Tracy I’ve learned many things about OT and sensory integration and how it benefits us all.”

“I was first introduced to Tracy Murray just short of 2 years ago through the cottage school my son attended. He was enrolled in two of her classes and I must admit that I was not familiar with what she was teaching the students. My son had spoken of the exercises in which Ms. Murray had the students perform and he enjoyed the classes. At some point we met to speak about my son’s behavior in these classes. I will admit that I was a bit confused, and even taken aback, as to why my son would need this type of therapy. After visiting with Tracey and learning more about what she had to offer a child, we began meeting weekly. I never expected the changes which have come about in my son. He has learned to better face challenges without trying to escape the situation. His hand eye coordination has greatly improved which has affected his ability and eagerness to participate in sports and games. As a homeschooling family the advantages are priceless. We have seen tremendous change in the areas of concentration and the now effortless handwriting. Think Move Learn has been able to assist us in different areas of struggle in school by sharing suggestions and exercises which we have been able to incorporate seamlessly into our day. Tracy and her Assistant Therapists have become part of our lives and we look forward to our weekly visits. Each Therapist brings special strengths and personality which we have enjoyed experiencing. Whether families have children with known learning, behavioral or sensory issues or have children which are more along the typical line of development, Think Move Learn is a definite benefit to all! They make a true connection with the children and it is obvious that they are doing what they love – for the love of children.”

“My 3 year old son has been meeting with “Ms. Tracy” for 6 months now.  I contacted her after my son’s preschool teacher and pediatrician recommended that I look into getting an occupational therapist to help him with problems he was having both in the classroom and at home.  He has improved greatly over the last 6 months with the help he has received from Tracy.  His weekly sessions with her have helped him to have better coordination and self control.  He has an understanding of boundaries and where he is in relation to other people and objects in the room.  Working with her has been a lifesaver for both him and mom!”

“Tracy Murray answered my call for help back at the end of 2014. It took one meeting at my house to know that I wanted to see more of what this lady had to teach me. And I have been learning new things all year long! Tracy works with my almost seven year old daughter who has been given many labels, one of which is “difficult” and she handles her with grace. My daughter pushes back and avoids anything that is hard. So she really makes it difficult to move forward with a therapy plan, but somehow, Tracy is getting through to her. One instance was during the school year when she was trying to do something rather hard, but I knew she could do it, she looked at me and said “I need to do jelly rolls” so she did and came back and finished the task! I believe her meltdowns have gotten shorter in duration and there is a longer period of time between meltdowns now. Plus, I am told by a close friend of mine that there are many more changes that I haven’t noticed. For example, she now says “thank you” and looks people in the eye. And there are family members that she wouldn’t speak to before and suddenly is able to have a conversation with them. I don’t kid myself, I know there is plenty of work to do, but at least we are making progress. Also, if Tracy is working with your child, she is working with you as well because there is so much knowledge there that she is carrying around and is sharing with you that you just want to soak it all up. She always has a fresh idea and a positive outlook, plus I feel that she is genuine and giving with her skills. Here’s to a brighter future for our kids!”

“Think Move Learn has done amazing things for Sosie! They teach her fun and unique exercises that strengthen her core, balance, posture and coordination. It also helps with reorganizing the brain and integration of primitive reflexes. This helps with focus, attention span, emotional regulation, self-regulation, visual tracking, and so much more. Being able to take part of the sessions teaches me why and how to do these exercises with her in between visits!”

“We could not be happier about how far our two boys have come while working with Tracy with Think Move Learn. When we started, Cash had a hard time on the wiggle board, saying his ABC’s, and copying letters; now he’s completing visual motor tasks and Bal-a-Vis-X on the wiggle board, as well as writing his name, letters, and numbers! And Henry had walking difficulties, along with a moderate speech delay. He had spent months in Speech Therapy but was having little progress. When he starting working with Tracy, his gait pattern improved to near normal and instead of 10 words, he is now speaking in short sentences and has an expanded number of words he uses to describe his needs and wants. We are beyond amazed at the power of this program!”

“We have loved working with Miss Tracy and her staff at Think, Move, Learn.  We love how, during our daughter’s session, that she is able to work both on her cognitive development and gross and fine motor skills. Our daughter has gotten stronger physically while working on her spelling words and math concepts. Miss Tracy makes learning fun while throwing balls, balancing on a wiggle board or hopping around.”