We combined occupational therapy and academic basics to design a program tailored to the needs and abilities of people of all ages. Our team is trained in sensory integration methods and cognitive development, with a focus on the fundamental sensory systems:

Vestibular System

Identifies one’s head position in relation to gravity and changes in movement.

Proprioceptive System

Identifies where one’s body is located in space using input from muscles and joints.

Tactile System

Identifies sensations on the skin.

If the fundamental systems are weak or poorly developed, the higher level components will be negatively affected.

With this knowledge, Think Move Learn Move has the capacity to positively impact a wide variety of diagnoses, disabilities, developmental delays, and learning challenges. Whether typically or atypically developing, Think Move Learn can benefit anyone. Family and friends of clients are highly encouraged to engage in therapy to also experience its effectiveness.

Our program involves a Think Move Learn Trail of 30 physical activities that target the body and brain. These foundational activities are combined with an array of creative and engaging means and therapeutic equipment to increase interest and participation.